Experience and spend two hours on a tour of the attractive seaside and seabed. The AQUAVISION catamaran is specially designed for useafaring, equipped with underwater windows and floodlights, daily rowing on day and night trips. Relax on a sunny deck with a beautiful panorama, aperitif and diving show. AQUAVISION moves from Umag Port and leads you to the Umag Riviera: Punta, Stella Maris, Katoro and all the way to the oldest lighthouse of the Adriatic Sea in Savudrija, and back to the port.

AQUAVISION , Stella Maris, Katoro a in Savudrija


The boat carries the name “Sveti (Saint) Pelegrin“, The catamaran type (double) with glass at the foot of the hull so that guests can see the sea flora, fauna and other marine attractions. In addition to the excursion boat offer, we also offer a “diving show“, which will include diving equipment, which will, during the trip, interactively “pull” guests to the trip, presenting them to the beauty of our underwater world and a night outing program with underwater reflectors. This is a new way for guests to enjoy watching and photographing the underwater world, all without the diving equipment.