Recognizable, among other things, as a venue for top quality wines and olive oils, Brtonigla is a village located in northwestern Istria that must be visited. The Ortonegro is mentioned in the 13th century, and its name derives from the Roman name Hortus niger (Black Garden), probably due to the soil around Brtonigla. Brtonigla belongs to the wine-growing towns of Istria, so there are several taverns in the village and its surroundings with top class wine cellars. Brtonigla is a place for vacationers who want to meet the peace of green Istria and those who love cycling and walking. In addition to the classic tourist offer, here you can enjoy the folk festivals, visit the caves of the caves (the Mramornica cave, the jewel of the Istrian underground) , tour at the typical rural settlements with stone houses, hunt or enjoy the picking of mushrooms and asparagus.